Achievements and Exploits of  The Team

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THE TEAM ~~  Achievements at team level by The Boro

Season Starts

How Boro have kicked off each season, Earliest date, best and worst starts

First meeting

When and why Boro met all the other League teams

First score lines

First occurrence of each score line, all 65 so far

Latest score lines

Latest occurrence of each score line, and margin of victory or defeat

Baby of the team

Title held until a younger player makes his debut

Boro Road Show 1

Boro Road Show 2

1 - All 123 league game venues, first meeting scores.

2 - Other items of interest, changed names, shared grounds.

The Opposition

AB   CH   IO     PS   TZ  Cups only  Uefa

Totals for games and goals. Top scorer and the most appearances by Boro players. –  Arsenal to Bury,    Cambridge to Hull,    Ipswich to Oxford,   Peterborough to Swindon,  Torquay to York;   Cups only;   Europe.

F.A. Cup

Listings,  Boro v Man. Utd.,  Giant killing

F.League Cup

Sponsors,  Round by Round,  Giant killing,  2004 final

Uefa Cup

2004/05 chart, 2005/06 chart; match details and player details

Loads of Goals

Greatest turnaround in scoring, greatest home and away aggregate scores.

Most games

Number of games played in one month, [up to 10!] one season [ 35 up to 64!]. Changes over the years.

Results Sequence

Successive results, winning and losing runs, all that lot

Scoring Sequence

Scoring goals, conceding goals

Best and Worst

Most, least, best, and the worst of results and goal scoring in the league.

3 League Divisions

Those teams Boro have played league games against in three different divisions.

Plastic pitches

List of Boro games played on artificial surfaces.

Played 5 times

Teams, 7 of them, we played five times over within a season

One hundred up

When Boro clocked up the 100th. League meeting with opponents

One up only

8 teams Boro have had just the one season of league football with.

Penalty deciders

6 out of 7 won. Even a Freight Rover trophy game, just for the record.

Finished above

The last time we finished above every other team. Goes back to 1953/54 for one team.

Last away win

By the Boro, by the visitors. Also consecutive results and meetings.    10.1.12